Welcome to Foodmaster Logistics where you will find a talented team of professionals dedicated to transporting your cargo in the most safe, efficient and cost-effective manner possible. Since 2000 Foodmaster Logistics has been providing solutions to manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and their customers. We are a relationship driven organization that take the stresses of multi-faceted freight demands from your organization and provides you with the muscle you need to succeed.

Specializing in Multiple Forms of Transportation, from dry to reefer to flatbed and more allows Foodmaster to service your needs thoroughly and effectively no matter how your product travels

We have carriers for produce,

dry goods, manufactured 

merchandise or any other

product you can think of and

will safely move your goods 

from point A to point B

Full truck loads are not 

always necessary when using

our LTL or consolidation

services expertise — we can get it there no matter how large or small your cargo may be