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     Founded in 2000, our company developed an interest in creating partnerships within the food supply system to truly optimize freight and minimize logistics costs for companies within the Great Lakes region. The decision was made to develop a totally dynamic, cost-efficient consolidation, distribution and delivery system to combat the challenges that plagued small to mid-sized food companies. Hence, "Foodmaster Logistics of Wisconsin" was born.

     As our reach expanded beyond Wisconsin and our customer base continued to grow, the company was simply renamed to "Foodmaster Logistics." New services were added, as they continuously are, and our reach expanded nationwide and beyond. Most importantly, we now service freight of all kinds.

     Specializing in sourcing multiple forms of transportation for both full truckload and less-than-truckload shipments, including dry, refrigerated, flatbed, over-sized, drayage, automobiles and more, allows Foodmaster Logistics to service your needs thoroughly and effectively no matter how your product travels. Today, hundreds of companies, not only nationwide but around the world, rely on FM's services daily in order to operate smooth and efficiently. As we continue to grow year by year, we are always expanding out services and expertise to satisfy our customers' needs. 

     You can look to Foodmaster Logistics as your logistics partner, handling as much or as little as you see fit. We continue to grow and serve our customers through excellent customer service and are devoted to providing a comprehensive scope of transportation services. Ultimately, our team is dedicated to providing smart solutions that drive success for your team and organization.


We Offer:

  • Reduced cost through Foodmaster Logistics’ access to thousands of independent contracted carriers nationwide

  • Full logistics solutions (shipping, warehousing, order processing, fulfillment, consolidation etc.)

  • Reduced consolidation and distribution expenses

  • Improved delivery performance

  • After-hours and weekend support

  • Capacity from one pallet up to a full truck load

  • Dedicated and experienced support team

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